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10 Technology Predictions For 2013 ...

We're in the middle of a seismic shift ...

Posted on: 04/01/2013   By: Andrew Spencer

I have pulled together some of the predictions being made for 2013 for the IT industry here. They are predictions I agree with and I think they have potential for significant impact on many aspects of our personal and business life. Some are more specific than others, some more strategic than tactical ...

how will technology change our lives in 2013?

how will technology change our lives in 2013?

It is quite clear that we are in the middle of a seismic shift in the technology we use. Whilst 2012 did not see any great innovation (except perhaps for the release of Windows 8 and the Surface RT tablet) it did see explosive growth in the use of smartphones, tablets, mobile web access, apps, cloud services, mobile broadband networks and social media technologies.

The following predictions have been drawn from numerous sources including Gartner:

  1. The use of mobile devices will continue to grow explosively. Indeed one could argue they will be the dominant form of device in use, even in the workplace. Mobile web access will overtake desktop access.

  2. This has major implications for IT infrastructures in businesses with the continuing issues of BYOD to be addressed, secure interfaces etc. The need for interfaces to corporate structures for a bewildering array of devices will push HTML 5 based software development and the use of web based applications.

  3. Which? Magazine predicts that something big will happen with TV this year. Rumours are strong that Apple will get involved in the TV market in a much bigger way than they are today. But it has to be said that we do not need just another box to watch TV and Apple have no content. Who knows? But money is on something happening.

  4. Social media will be increasingly used by IT within enterprises to integrate with existing processes, and not just be used as standalone marketing tools. Integration offers the opportunity for greater collaboration and the streamlining of processes. It will ease the burden of internal email!

  5. The Internet will be increasingly integrated with the physical world: cars, consumer products, health products and so on. The "Internet of Things" (IoT) is a term that you will hear increasingly this year.

  6. Apple may or may not do something with TV but they are quite likely to launch the iWatch. There have been attempts at computers on the wrist before but Apple are the most likely to innovate enough to make this concept work.

  7. How data is stored in the enterprise is rapidly changing. Instead of the concept of a single data warehouse containing all information needed for decisions, the volumes of data generated, the speed at which it is being created and its complexity is driving a more sophisticated model. Enterprises are moving towards multiple systems, including content management, data warehouse, data marts, and specialised file systems tied together with data services and metadata; the logical data warehouse.

  8. How data is used is also changing. Another piece of jargon: "Actionable Analytics" will drive more decisions in companies, with analysis happening at many points in the business process and at the time it is needed. This is enabled by the improvement in performance vs cost of technology.

    It is also predicted that there will be increasing use of data collected as we move about using the mobile web. Increasing amounts of data on where we are, what we are doing and when is being gathered.

  9. One prediction makes a lot of sense particularly in the United States. Super Storm Sandy had a massive impact on businesses and raised awareness of disasters and disaster recovery/business continuity dramatically. Expect a significant move towards thin client/virtual desktop, driven by the need to recover but also by the increasing use of cloud services and mobile devices.

  10. One comment next to a prediction article rang true. This commentator predicted that we will see laptop manufacturers move to catch up Appleā€™s lead on retina displays. Many laptops are supplied with less than HD screens and it is time they had better displays.

So what does all this imply for us? For the bigger enterprise there is much that will require serious investment in IT infrastructure; cloud, mobile device integration, data storage and analytics, and disaster recovery. That investment is already being seen with recruitment of IT people in the UK at the lead in terms of rising employment.

For the smaller business there are certainly issues of BYOD, cloud and so on and in leveraging the use of mobile devices in driving up employee productivity. Not such good news for the employee who increasingly is not able to switch off from work.

I fear for the work/life balance! As far as the small business owner, particularly the sole proprietor, is concerned I suspect they are already in a position where they cannot switch off from their business!

Until next time ...


More about Andrew Spencer ...

During Andrew's extensive business career he has worked in a wide cross section of companies, specialising in the creation of contact centres and business systems, software development, telecommunications and project management. Andrew's key skills are:

  • Business planning and strategy

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His work has included sourcing and implementing a new integrated telecoms system for National Energy Services, designing and project managing a new IT and telephony structure for the Greyhound Racing Association, and directing technology development for Wembley plc.


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