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TNMOC Is A Great Venue ...

Do you need to attract and entertain?

Posted on: 11/01/2013   By: Andrew Spencer

I have written about the National Museum Of Computing quite a few times and now I am extending a invitation to local businesses to come and experience everything that TNMOC can offer and consider using us as a venue for your next meeting or event ...

come and see the Harwell Dekatron - AKA The Witch - in action

come and see the Harwell Dekatron - AKA The Witch - in action

The Museum encompasses so much that informs, educates and enlivens debate that it is a great venue for organisations and companies to enhance their activities; this can be achieved through many types of events such as team building days, fun away days, product and service launches. Come to the Museum and see Colossus, the WITCH and a host of other machines.


As a local business person, we would like to invite you and a colleague to an Open Evening at The National Museum of Computing on 23rd January, 2013 to see two of the most celebrated working computers from the dawn of the information age:

  • Colossus - the world's first modern computer

  • The WITCH - the oldest working digital computer on the planet

Less than two months ago, TNMOC made headlines across the world as it rebooted the restored Harwell Dekatron / WITCH computer dating from 1951. This year the opening of the new Colossus Gallery will generate more publicity for the Museum, Bletchley and the Milton Keynes area.

Trustees at The National Museum of Computing, an independent registered charity based on Bletchley Park, would like to give businesses based in Milton Keynes the opportunity to see these two machines close up and in full working order and to learn of TNMOC as a rapidly developing world-class Museum with a huge range of exhibits spanning seven decades. The Museum wants to play its part in promoting Milton Keynes as a vibrant, innovatory and enterprising community.

As a Museum with an eye to the future - as well as the past - the Museum offers great potential for involvement of businesses. We have already established relationships with many companies, both local and multinational and we would like to talk to you.

We host team building events, away days, and other such events that use TNMOC galleries and displays with their working exhibits as key attractions. Delegates gain knowledge and insights about their digital heritage that give perspectives from the past to give context to the present and stimulate ideas for the future.

We hope that you can come and spend an hour or so with us after work on Wednesday 23 January anytime from 5-8pm. Places will be very limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so please email as soon as possible to reserve your place.

The invitation is in the first instance to local businesses. Having said that we are interested in any business that will/can hold an event at the Museum. So if you are in London, Birmingham, Manchester etc. don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Hope to speak soon.

Until next time ...


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His work has included sourcing and implementing a new integrated telecoms system for National Energy Services, designing and project managing a new IT and telephony structure for the Greyhound Racing Association, and directing technology development for Wembley plc.


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